How to Clean the Kitchen Canopy

A commercial kitchen will have constant steam, smoke, and grease in the air from the long hours of cooking. A canopy with an exhaust fan over each stove is necessary to keep the air clean. A home kitchen only has cooking two or three times a day, so the air will not much cleaning. But in a commercial kitchen, where there is cooking all day, the extraction fan and canopy are essential.

Problems can occur when the canopy and exhaust fan have accumulated too much grease. This can clog the system, and perhaps prevent the fan from working. Ultimately this proves dangerous, as a clogged fan can overheat and cause a fire.

The Cleaning Procedures

  1. First, unplug the fan or hood from the wall.
  2. Put a drop-cloth under and around the hood, to keep the floor clean.
  3. Clean the hood with warm soapy water.
  4. Remove any filters and vent covers. You may need to wash vent covers, and occasionally replace filters.
  5. There will be heavy grease inside the hood and the vents above. Use an all-purpose cleaner to remove this grease, remembering that there may be some grease in hard to see places.
  6. Exhaust fan cleaning is important. Make sure there is no grease on the system, and that the fan blades can spin freely.
  7. Replace the filters and vent covers. When the system is reasonably dry, turn the power back on.

Regular Canopy Duct Cleaning

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning should be done before there is too much grease built up. If left too long the task becomes increasingly difficult, and the risk of an electrical fire increases. Having a professional service perform regular cleaning is probably the best option.

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