Hygiene and Clean

Kitchen Cleaning

It is highly important to keep kitchens, food storage areas, and any food preparation areas clean. It is all too easy for an unclean utensil or surface to infect many people.

Kitchens should be cleaned both at the end of the working day, and the surface should be continually cleaned during operating hours.

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Tips

– Wear plastic gloves and a mask when cleaning.

– Boiling water cleans most pots and utensils, but this will not be completely effective against Covid. So use sanitiser and detergent first.

– Clean high traffic areas every day.

– Clean cloth masks for cleaning and food prep.

– Air filters with a HEPA filter will go a long way to removing germs and other bad materials from the air we breathe.

Commercial Cleaning

Uniforms and other fabrics like napkins and towels need to be thoroughly cleaned. Wash machines are usually fine, but make sure to use an extra hot cycle, and use an anti-bacterial, antiviral washing powder.

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