8 Tips for Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning
  • Keep the clutter down by keeping the space as bare as possible. Get rid of gadgets and utensils that aren’t being used. Have neat racks and spaces, preferably behind cupboard doors, for storing the items that you do use.
  • Clean the kitchen every day. Not a time-consuming deep clean, but do wipe down benches, rinse the coffee mugs and put things in the dishwasher. This stops the mess from accumulating.
  • Have a scrub brush on hand, one of those brushes that has detergent in the handle. Use this in dishes and cups as soon as they are used. When this scrub brush gets old, use it in the bathroom.
  • Make a list of chores and do a few at a time.
  • Have a cover for microwave dishes. This gets rid of 99% of the splatter inside the oven, so you only need to clean in occasionally. When you do need to clean the microwave, then cook a bowl of lemon and water for 5 minutes, then wipe the inside clean.
  • Use a stream mop or spray mop for the kitchen floor. These work very quickly, and the steam version does no use any detergent. These are fine for tile and most vinyl floors.
  • Dispose of grease in foil (even if it has been used) and throw this into the garbage.
  • An oven liner at the bottom of the oven catches 99% of spills. This can be easily removed and cleaned. Much easier than trying to clean the inside of the oven.

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