Schedule for Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

We need to keep commercial operations and venues clean. This does mean daily cleaning, but does not mean that everything is cleaned every day. Some items are cleaned once per week. Some items cleaned every day. A few are cleaned every few months

Guide to Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

  • Bench surfaces, tables, cutting boards are cleaned every day.
  • Utensils are cleaned every day, if they are used.
  • Sinks are cleaned at least once daily. Often cleaned after being used for a few hours.
  • Fridges and freezers should be cleaned once per week.
  • Bins are emptied daily, but cleaned once per week.
  • Ovens should be wiped down once per week, or after any spill. They should have an internal clean once per month, or perhaps every two weeks if used every day.
  • Dishwashers can be cleaned every week or two.
  • Floors can be moped down at the end of the shift, once per day.
  • Doors and windows can be cleaned weekly.
  • Ventilation systems and fans should be cleaned every few months.

Commercial Cleaning

It makes business sense to hire professional cleaners. Not only are they working in an area where they are highly trained, so they get the best results, they also save money. This is because they are less expensive to use that your own staff. Let your employees spend their time on their assigned work, where they can shine. If they have to do the cleaning as well this detracts from the time and effort they could put into your business. Don’t pay a specialist chef to do the work that our cleaners can do for less.

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