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Commercial Cleaning Services offered by Oz Clean Master

Canopy Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Once you are running any trade, it is very self-evident that you just will need your working environment or commerce premises to see professional. It is very important for the representatives to induce a positive environment

Kitchen Cleaning Melbourne

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

We have a group of experienced and gifted experts who are prepared as well as prepared with distinctive sorts of commercial cleaning hardware that can effectively evacuate the built-up grime and oil from the kitchen exceptionally easily

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Kitchen equipment in commercial kitchens is constantly exposed to oil and grease after cooking. We clean everything from canopies to basic equipment in the kitchen such as deep fryers, dishwashers, stoves, etc.

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Melbourne

Canopy Cleaning

We offer one of the foremost comprehensive Canopy cleaning administrations simply can profit of. Other than that, we deplete fan cleaning and canopy cleaning benefit and can moreover be taken together with our hood clean-off

Canopy Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Oil, smoke, and hurtful gasses tend to urge amassed on your canopy channel tube over time, and in case cleared out uncleaned, can lead to fire danger. We make beyond any doubt that your Duct  is professionally cleaned

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Part of oils and grease are gathered within the kitchen appliances and one of the parcels where the foremost collection is found, is the deplete fans. Oil and Dirts gathered on the fans will make incapable to operate appropriately

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